EZNEC/EZNEC+ v. 5.0 Maintenance Updates

If you are using EZNEC v. 3.0 or 4.0, please go to the EZNEC v. 3.0 update page or EZNEC v. 4.0 update page. The updates on this page will not update v. 3.0 or 4.0.

These maintenance updates will bring your EZNEC or EZNEC+ v. 5.0 program up to the latest revision by installing improvements, bug fixes, and corrections to the on-line manual.

The EZNEC and EZNEC+ v. 5.0 maintenance updates won't update the demo or pro versions, and will be of no use if you haven't installed the appropriate version of EZNEC v. 5.0. The version of the demo available on the web is generally the same as the latest maintenance update, so you can update a demo version if desired by downloading and installing the current demo. EZNEC Pro users: The URL for updates is printed on your EZNEC Pro CD label.

        Have you found a bug?

First check your EZNEC or EZNEC+ v. 5.0 revision number as described in step 1 below. Then click here to see a list of the changes made to EZNEC since your program was last updated. If you find the bug in the list, the update will fix it. If you don't, please report it to me at w7el@eznec.com.

        How to use the maintenance updates

1. Start EZNEC or EZNEC+ v. 5.0. Click the Help menu, then select About EZNEC. Note the revision number on the top line (for example, 5.0.6).
2. Check the current update revision number below. If it's the same as your program revision, there's no need to download the update. Note: Revision numbers are separate integers, not decimal fractions. So, for example, version 5.0.14 (revision 14) is later than version 5.0.2 (revision 2).
3. If your EZNEC or EZNEC+ v. 5.0 revision is earlier than the current update revision, click one of the links below to start the download. First, note that some updates may apply only to EZNEC, some to EZNEC+, and some to both. Be sure you download one which is appropriate for your program type. Next, note that various updates may only update certain revision numbers. If more than one update applies to your program, you can choose any that does -- the only difference will be in the size of the file to download, and the end result will be the same.
4. After downloading the file and before starting the update, turn off anti-virus protection. It can cause the installation to hang or otherwise malfunction. You can restore normal virus protection after the installation is finished.
5. Run the file by double-clicking it in Windows Explorer, or by clicking the Windows Start button at the lower left of your screen, selecting Run, entering the path and file name, and clicking Ok. You'll see the installation proceed.
6. Save the update file for later use in case you need to update EZNEC or EZNEC+ v. 5.0 after re-installing it or installing it on another computer.

            Current update revision is 5.0.70

***IMPORTANT NOTE: v. 5.0.69 and later support only Windows 7 and later, except XP and Vista which are supported only on machines with an Intel CPU. Do not update if you not using one of these systems.

  EZNEC+ Update -- updates EZNEC+ v. 5.0 only

    Download Universal EZNEC+ Update (16 MB) -- updates all earlier revisions of EZNEC+ v. 5.0 

 Standard EZNEC Update -- updates standard EZNEC v. 5.0 only

    Download Universal EZNEC Update (18 MB) -- updates all earlier revisions of standard EZNEC v. 5.0