Reinstalling EZNEC

The following discussion applies to EZNEC and EZNEC+ v. 5.0, collectively referred to here as "EZNEC". Users of other program types or versions should contact me at the email address below.

     Note: V. 6.0 is now current. New features can be seen here. See upgrade.htm if you're interested in upgrading.

This page is for users who previously purchased EZNEC or EZNEC+ v. 5.0 and: To restore an installation or to install EZNEC on a new machine or drive, it's necessary to run installation file eznec50.exe (EZNEC) or eznec50+.exe (EZNEC+). If you downloaded a file when you purchased EZNEC, this is the file you downloaded. If you made a backup copy of this file, you can run the backup. If you purchased an EZNEC CD, simply insert the CD into the machine. The setup.exe file on the CD is the same as the corresponding file mentioned above. So if you have the original downloaded file, a copy of it, or an EZNEC CD, you don't need to order a CD.

For those who don't have any usable copy of the installation file:

The EZNEC web ordering system is designed to restrict the time during which downloads can be made, to prevent a shared customer ID from allowing unrestricted downloads by people who did not purchase the program. While it's possible to reset the system, it takes time and effort which could be better spent. An average of about two requests per day are now being received from users who have encountered one of the problems above but did not, in spite of cautions to do so, back up the downloaded file, or have lost the backup or purchased CD. Consequently, I'm now requiring that users who no longer have any usable copy of the file or CD purchase a CD. That way, you will have a backup copy to use if and when you need to reinstall EZNEC in the future. The cost is nominal, $10 postpaid for U.S. and Canadian customers and $13 for customers elsewhere.

For your convenience, you can now order a CD on the web with a credit card.

Click here to order a CD*

*NOTE: This can be used only by customers who previously purchased EZNEC or EZNEC+ v. 5.0 at the web site. Those who have not purchased EZNEC or EZNEC+ should order at V. 5.0 customers who did not purchase the program at the web site should see "Non-Web Ordering" at that page to order a CD. v. 6.0 is the current version so be sure to specify that you want a v. 5.0 CD.

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