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Above: Screen shots from several EZNEC displays. Right: 3D far field pattern, with 2D elevation "slice" highlighted. Any azimuth or elevation slice can be highlighted. Center: View Antenna display, showing the "wires" making up the model of the five-element beam, with currents and 2D slice superimposed to show orientation. Several other items, such as currents and wire numbers, can be added to this display. Left: 2D display showing detailed information about the selected slice.

What's New in v. 7.0

All features which were available in EZNEC Pro/2 v. 6.0 are incorporated into EZNEC Pro/2+ v. 7.0  with a few exceptions described below. EZNEC Pro/4 v. 6.0 was identical to EZNEC Pro/2 except for the inclusion of an internal NEC-4.2 calculating engine. That also holds true for EZNEC Pro/4+ and /2+.

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Highly recommended! NEC-5
  -- New v. x13 available(*)

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(*) See 'NEC-5 engine second revision now available' by AC6LA for information about NEC-5 modified version x13.

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