Published Articles

Unless otherwise noted, all articles are copyright (c) by the American Radio Relay League, Inc. and are reproduced by permission.

Baluns: What They Do and How They Do It ARRL Antenna Compendium, Vol. 1 - An explanation of  what baluns really do.

The Impact of Current Distribution on Array Patterns  -  Technical Correspondence, QST, July 1990 -  Why even "perfect" phased array element currents don't produce perfect patterns.

Antenna Feed Lines for Portable Use  -  Technical Correspondence, QST,  February 1992 - Why twinlead isn't necessarily a low loss feed line.

The Simplest Phased Array Feed System - That Works  -  ARRL Antenna Compendium, Vol. 2 - How to calculate "phasing line" lengths that actually work. Program Simpfeed does the hard part for you.

The Field Day Special Antenna  -  QST, June 1984 - My favorite for more than 20 years.

Class C Amplifier Matching  -  Technical Correspondence, QST,  October 1978 - What you should know about matching networks for class C amplifiers.

Choosing Wire Size for Toroidal Inductors  -  Technical Correspondence, QST,  April 1983 - Measurements that show it doesn't make much difference.