? EZNEC Antenna Software by W7EL


AutoEZ (Automated use of EZNEC) is a separate application that can enhance the power of EZNEC by allowing variables to be used in place of or in addition to any numeric value found in any part of an EZNEC model, such as wire End 1/End 2 XYZ coordinates, the number of segments in a wire, the magnitude and/or phase of a voltage or current source, the R+jX or RLC values in a load or L network, or any other place where a number might be used.  Such variables can then be automatically set to a range of values by doing a "variable" sweep in place of or in addition to a traditional "frequency" sweep. Among the many AutoEZ features are:

The AutoEZ user interface is very similar to that of EZNEC and the communication and data sharing between the AutoEZ and EZNEC programs is automatic and completely transparent to the user. For more information see the Quick Start Guide, various Detailed Information sections, and the Collected Short Examples all starting at the AutoEZ home page.

I highly recommend purchasing AutoEZ and using it with EZNEC Pro+. It expands EZNEC Pro+'s capabilities immensely and it has excellent support.