EZNEC Pro+ v. 7.0 Update List

This is a list of changes or fixed problems in each EZNEC Pro+ v. 7.0 update. Updates apply to both EZNEC Pro/2+ and EZNEC Pro/4+ v. 7.0 unless otherwise noted.

To determine the version of EZNEC Pro+ v. 7.0 you are using, open the Help menu and select "About EZNEC".

Added the ability to model wire insulation (except loss tangent) when running NEC-5. This does not require any change to or replacement of the external NEC-5 program.
The total peak near field, shown when Special Option PeakNFVals = True, was not correct under some conditions.
When using the NEC-2 calculating engine, results for total and maximum near field were not correct under some conditions.
Program would crash when opening Utilities/Ground Info when some ground parameters were extreme.
When using the NEC-2 calculating engine with a model having one or more wires with loss and not all wires having the same loss parameters, errors could occur when running an SWR or Frequency Sweep. Errors were generally minor except when the model contained loads, in which case some or all loads were excluded from the analysis at all frequency steps except the first one.
Updated the manual.
Added phase information to the Far Field table. Added Special Option FFPhase = off to disable it if desired.
When using an internal or external NEC-4.2 calculating engine, recalculation wasn't reset when changing between High and Extended Accuracy ground.
EZNEC Pro/4+ only: Recalculation wasn't reset when changing to and from the internal NEC-4.2 calculating engine unless some other description change was also made.
Updated the manual.
This was the initial EZNEC Pro+ v. 7.0. release.