EZNEC 3.0 Printable Manual

For the EZNEC/EZNEC+/EZNEC pro v. 4.0 printable manual, please click here.

The EZNEC 3.0 manual is in the form of a help file which can be accessed at any time while the program is running. Nearly all Windows software currently being sold uses this system. The advantages of a help system over a printed manual include hyptertext links (jumps) to other topics, and extensive indexing and search capabilities. However, I've gotten many requests from EZNEC 3.0 users for a printable manual, so have now made one available. It's in a form you can load into the word processor of your choice and print. The printable manual is simply a reformatted help file, and it contains exactly the same information. The manual covers both the standard and professional versions of EZNEC 3.0.

If you purchased EZNEC 3.0 on a CD-ROM after about September 1, 2000, you'll find the printable manual in the Printable Manual directory of the CD-ROM, and don't need to download it. The readme file in that directory contains information and instructions. If you don't have a CD-ROM produced after that date, you can download the printable manual here.

The printable manual is generated from the help file by the software used to develop the help file. The conversion process seems to have some imperfections, so the resulting format isn't flawless. However, because the on-line help system is intended to be the primary manual for EZNEC 3.0, and any formatting changes would have to be repeated each time the manual is updated, comprehensive editing and correction of minor formatting flaws in the printable manual won't be undertaken. The user can make any changes deemed necessary after loading into the word processor.

The printable manual is furnished in two forms, both included in the single download file. One is a Microsoft Word document, saved in Word 97 format. It should directly load into this and later versions of Word. The other is a rich text format (.rtf) file. This can be loaded into most other word processors, including Windows Wordpad, although it will lack the table of contents and index of the Word document. More information about the two versions and which is best to use can be found in the included readme file.

The file you download is a self extracting Zip file. "Running" it will expand it into three files, which are the two printable versions and the readme file. The size of the expanded files is about 4.3 MB. Please see the readme file for more information.

Please respect the copyright. The manual is for use by EZNEC customers and EZNEC demo users only.

                          Download the printable manual (< 1MB)