EZNEC-ARRL Information

EZNEC-ARRL is a special capability of the EZNEC v. 6.0 demo program which was formerly available only with the special EZNEC-ARRL program on the ARRL Antenna Book CD. Its primary purpose is to enable viewing and analysis of the example antennas included with the Antenna Book. It operates as a normal EZNEC demo program except when a specially "signed" EZNEC description file (included on the Antenna Book CD) is opened. When analyzing a "signed" file, the EZNEC v. 6.0 demo becomes a fully functional standard type EZNEC program with a 500 segment limit. "Signed" files can be modified in any way and analyzed with full standard EZNEC program capability. However, the EZNEC v. 6.0 demo will revert to normal 20 segment maximum demo operation when any file saved by it or any previous version of EZNEC-ARRL, including a modified "signed" file, is re-opened. "Signed" files from any Antenna Book edition are compatible with all EZNEC versions and program types. "Signed" files are available only from the ARRL Antenna Book CD. See "EZNEC-ARRL" in the EZNEC manual index for more information about the EZNEC-ARRL feature and its use.

The EZNEC v. 6.0 demo program completely replaces all versions of EZNEC-ARRL.

System requirements are the same for EZNEC-ARRL as for other EZNEC program types.

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