EZNEC Pro v. 6.0 Antenna Modeling Software

EZNEC Pro/2 NEC-2 Based Analysis Program
EZNEC Pro/4 NEC-4 Based Analysis Program
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EZNEC Pro/2 and Pro/4 are Windows applications

EZNEC Pro v. 6.0 programs function on Windows XP(SP3)* and later Windows operating systems, 32 or 64 bit.

* Note: Intel CPU is required on XP and Vista systems but not on Windows 7 and later.

EZNEC Pro/2 is a complete,  easy-to-use analysis program which uses an integrated version of NEC-2 for calculations. Several of its many features are shown below.

EZNEC Pro/4 has an identical user interface to EZNEC Pro/2 and with identical features except that it offers the additional options of internal single or double precision NEC-4.2 calculating engines. An NEC-4 license must be purchased from the NEC-4 copyright holder before purchasing EZNEC Pro/4.

In both EZNEC Pro programs, the antenna description is entered using the popular EZNEC interface method of spreadsheet-like entry and powerful editing tools, or EZNEC Pro can directly read your existing NEC description file. The internal calculating engine is automatically called when needed and the results displayed. No exiting, file converting or editing, or similar operations are required.

A few of the many EZNEC Pro features . . .
(Please note: EZNEC Pro does not currently implement some NEC features such as patches and symmetry.)


Although EZNEC Pro incorporates NEC-2 or NEC-4.2 (EZNEC Pro/4 only) as its calculating engine, it operates as a single, integrated program rather than as a "pre-" or "post-processor" for NEC. The included NEC code isn't user accessible. No NEC-format input or output files are generated during operation with the NEC-2 calculating engine. Although communication with NEC-4 is largely by means of NEC-format files, these are not generally available except after exiting EZNEC Pro. EZNEC Pro uses its own easy-to-use antenna description file system which has been proven by a large number of EZNEC and EZNEC Pro users, although it is able to both read (to a limited extent) and write NEC-format files. EZNEC Pro incorporates SOMNEC for a complete Norton-Sommerfeld ground solution. Some NEC capabilities aren't presently included in EZNEC Pro, including patches and symmetry. No source code is included or available.

Trial Period

If you are not completely satisfied with EZNEC Pro, you can return it within 90 days for a full refund.

Additional EZNEC Pro/4 Information

Important note:  EZNEC Pro/4 contains its own specially compiled version of NEC-4.2, so no external NEC-4 program is necessary. However, an NEC-4 license is required for purchase. EZNEC Pro/4 can be sold only after confirming that an NEC-4 license has been issued to the purchaser by the University of California (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory). NEC-4 can now be sold outside the U.S. Visit https://ipo.llnl.gov/technologies/nec for information about obtaining an NEC-4 license.

EZNEC Pro v. 6.0 is ready for immediate shipment. For more information contact w7el@eznec.com.

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