System Requirements

System Requirements, all program types: Windows XP(SP3)*, Windows Vista(SP2)*, Windows 7(SP1) or later Windows operating system, 32 or 64 bit. Mouse or other pointing device required. CD-ROM drive required for installation except for web download version. If only the download version is purchased, the user should have some means of backing up the downloaded file (about 20 MB) on some medium other than the primary hard drive to prevent program loss in the event of a hard drive failure. If there is no means to do this, the program should be ordered on a CD.

* Intel CPU is required on XP and Vista systems but not on Windows 7 and later.

EZNEC Pro programs also require up to 60 GB of temporary disk storage for the largest possible models of 45,000 segments when using a double precision calculating engine. Single precision engines require half as much, and smaller models require less in approximate proportion to the square of the number of segments. At least 8 GB RAM is recommended, more if very large models are to be run.

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