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NOTE: I place no restrictions on the use of any of these files except that they may not be sold. I do not warrant the programs in any way, and no support is available for them.

All downloadable files with .EXE extensions and a tilde (~) at the end of the name are self-extracting ZIP files. "Running" the file will expand it into its component files. Most include a documentation file.

Published Articles

Several published articles are reproduced at the web site, along with accompanying programs. You'll find them here.

Current Baluns

Baluns are a continuing source of discussion on the Internet newsgroups. In response to some questions about "current" or "choke" baluns, I wrote an analysis of their operation. In the past, I had believed that placing the balun at the input of an unbalanced tuner would allow the balun to work properly when the output of the tuner sees a high impedance load. The analysis shows this to be incorrect. A brief analysis is given in IBALBRF.TXT, and a more detailed analysis in IBALUN.TXT. Both are plain ASCII text files and can be viewed with Notepad or a similar application. See also "Baluns: What They Do and How They Do It".

Other Downloadable Files
Other files are available at the misc page.

Tutorials, Essays, and Published Articles

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