Privacy Policy

I will not reveal the personal information I collect to anyone outside my company. No one within my company will reveal it to anyone outside. It will be used only for the following purposes:

I use your name and address to verify that you’ve purchased the software, when you contact me for technical support, or want to upgrade.

I might use your telephone number or email address when it’s necessary to contact you in direct support of your order or in response to a request for technical support.

If you order from the web site, your email address is required. This is necessary to send you instructions about how to make additional download attempts if the initial download fails for any reason, and to acknowledge that your order was accepted and processed.

I don’t make advertising or promotional telephone calls or emailings and won't send you any unsolicited fax, mail, or email, except that I’ll send you a single message or letter each time a new program or version is available. Historically, this has occurred on an average of less often than once per year. In the past this notification has been done by mail, but I plan to use email in the future whenever possible. If you don’t want even this level of contact, please email me at, and I’ll flag your data base entry so it won’t be sent to you.

Roy Lewallen