Free EZNEC Pro/4+ Upgrade

Available only to EZNEC Pro/4 v. 3.0 - 6.0 users

EZNEC Pro/4+ v. 7.0 contains copyrighted NEC-4.2 software licensed by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) so it cannot be released to or used by anyone not having an NEC-4.2 license from LLNL.

I will not be available to verify who has obtained a license, but I have formerly verified that every user of EZNEC Pro/4 v. 3.0 - 6.0 does have a license. So a free upgrade to EZNEC Pro/4+ v. 7.0 is being offered only to those users.

To get the free upgrade you will need to enter your EZNEC Customer ID which is printed on the label of your EZNEC Pro/4 CD as the "User ID" needed for updates. Only a few recent customers have not received a CD but received the Customer ID by email when EZNEC Pro/4 was purchased -- it's the "user name" to be used for updates, not the user name starting with a 9 used for downloading the program.

I won't be readily available to locate your Customer ID if you've lost it, but I will try to respond in a reasonable amount of time if you need to ask for it. But please make an honest effort to find it before contacting me, and please contact me only by email.

The number of download attempts is limited, and there's no prediction of how long the download link will be available. So don't delay if you want the upgrade, and be sure to make a backup (or two or three) of the downloaded file. You'll need to use it to install EZNEC Pro/4+ v. 7.0 on another computer or in case of a computer malfunction.

Click here to download EZNEC Pro/4+