EZNEC v. 6.0, EZNEC+ v. 6.0
Upgrade Information 

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Important! You'll need your customer ID from your upgrade notice to get EZNEC or EZNEC+ v. 6.0 for the upgrade price. Please email me if you haven't received your v. 6.0 upgrade notice by email or mail.

Click here to go to the order page if you have your Customer ID number*.

* If you order a download, please make a backup copy of the downloaded file on some other medium besides your primary hard drive. If you don't have any way to back up the downloaded file (< 20 MB), please order  the CD with or without the download to protect against loss of EZNEC in the event of a hard drive failure.

Price: Your prices to upgrade to EZNEC and EZNEC+ are shown on your upgrade notice (see above). When you place your order, enter your customer ID (from the upgrade notice) and make your EZNEC/EZNEC+ selection, the EZNEC ordering system will know to charge you the correct price.

What's new since EZNEC v. 3.0 - 5.0

EZNEC v. 6.0 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

System Requirements

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